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What can you store?

The table below will guide you in determining the size unit that will be appropriate for your storage requirements.

Square Meters
Cubic Meters
Cubic Meters
Quarter Garage size 3m x 1.5m
10.5m³ +- 1 bed flat Ottery, Sun Valley, Westlake
Half Garage size 3m x 3m
21.5m³ +- 2 bed flat Ottery, Sun Valley, Westlake
Garage size 6m x 3m
43m³ +- 3 bed house Ottery, Sun Valley, Westlake
Garage size – Top Floor 7m x 3m
50m³ +- 4 bed house Westlake
Double Garage size 6m x 6m
86m³ +- 5 bed house Ottery, Westlake

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Storageland offers a variety of different sized self-storage units to suit your needs. We have flexible short-term and long-term pricing so whether it’s a couple of days, or a couple years, we have your back.

Moving home? This can be a stressful time for anyone. Why not put your possessions into self-storage while you take your time to unpack at your own pace.

Student? Our quarter garages are 4,5 square meters. This is great to store a one bedroom flat while you’re on holiday over December and moving to a new digs.

Home Renovations? Take the stress out of renovating by putting your furniture and any fragile items into secure and safe self-storage. We have half or full garages to accommodate anything from a one bedroom or two, to a modest three bedroom house.

Small Business? As we know, space comes at a premium in Cape Town. Choose self-storage for your document archiving or unused furniture and equipment.

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