Do you need storage in the Southern Suburbs?

What kind of storage do we offer?2017-09-15T09:29:33+02:00

We offer a variety of secure, self-contained lock up concrete storerooms at our storage facilities at Ottery, Sun Valley and Westlake. You rent the size you need and you lock it and you keep the key.

How long can you lease the storeroom for?2017-09-15T09:29:30+02:00

You can lease the storeroom for as long or as short a period of time that you like. You only pay for the days that you are in the storeroom.

What notice do you require?2017-09-15T09:29:25+02:00

We appreciate two week’s notice before you move out of your store, however we are very flexible and are able to negotiate another arrangement.

What kind of security do we offer?2017-09-15T09:29:21+02:00

Here at Storageland we have high-security electrified perimeter fencing. We have 24hr Security guards with dogs on site, and a direct radio link to ADT Armed Response. The whole facility is well lit at night. Each customer locks his own storeroom and keeps the key so Storageland has no access to the customers’ stores. All access is monitored by the 24hr storageland staff. Each customer gets their own individual security number.

Are your stores dry?2017-09-15T09:29:16+02:00

The floors of the stores are raised about 35mm above the outside ground level so no water can run in. There are plastic sheets (DPC) under the buildings to stop rising damp. The roads slope away from the buildings. Roof sheets are especially cut to the length of our roofs so there are no overlaps.

When can I access my storeroom?2017-09-15T09:29:11+02:00

You have free access to your store 24hrs a day. We never close. Our security staff are on site 24hrs and will allow you access if you have your individual security number and store number. However if you require access between the hours of 8pm and 6am, please inform our office staff during normal business hours so that our security staff can be informed of your anticipated arrival.

What about insurance?2017-09-15T09:29:05+02:00

If your goods are already insured you are required to contact your insurance company/broker to inform them that the location of your goods have moved to our premises and you will be covered on your existing policy. If you do not have insurance you are advised that your goods are stored at your own risk and adequate insurance can be taken out. Please speak to one of our support staff to assist with details of brokers who can assist with this.

When and how do I get my deposit back?2017-09-15T09:29:00+02:00

Deposits are refundable when you move out. As they are held as a security deposit we first inspect the storeroom for any damages that may have been caused or rubbish that may have been left in the storeroom. Once you have moved out your deposit will be returned immediately.

How can I pay my rental?2017-09-20T10:30:07+02:00

Rental payment may be made in the office by cash or cheque. You may also do a credit transfer into our account or sign up for a debit order – simply pop into our admin office to complete the forms.

When does my rental need to paid?2017-09-15T09:28:49+02:00

Rental payments are due on the 1st of each month in advance.

What are your upstairs stores?2017-09-15T09:28:45+02:00

Our upstairs storerooms are only available at our Westlake branch. They are accessed via a 2m wide staircase. These storerooms are in a corridor protecting them from the elements.

What can I store?2017-09-15T09:28:38+02:00

You may not store anything that is flammable or made from explosive materials. No fresh food or perishables that will attract rodents are allowed to be stored in the storerooms.

Is it safe to access my storeroom out of normal business hours?2017-09-15T09:28:34+02:00

Our security staff are on site 24hrs a day and will ensure that you are safe by restricting access to the general public. Only those customers with valid security numbers will have access. However if you require access between the hours of 8pm and 6am, please inform our office staff during normal business hours so that our security staff can be informed of your anticipated arrival.

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